Ival started years ago as an ambitious idea with high expectation to cater everyone with pure water. Ival laid its foundation on carefully selected land. It has overcome all challenges to build the first-of-their-kind factories in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Its state-of-the-art technology guarantees for our consumers the highest quality standards in the production of bottled water. Ival also assembled a huge fleet to successfully quench the thirst of consumers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from north to south, west to east, to reach you at the nearest point of sale or to be just one click away.

IVAL Products

Ival Water 600 ML 24 Bottles/Carton
Ival Water 330 ML 40 Bottles/Carton
Ival Water 200 ML 48 Bottles / Carton
Ival Water 200 ML 24 Bottles (Drop) / Carton