Pure Beverages Industry Company aims to build a unique experience for its customers with an innovative approach in the bottled water industry.
New Era Of Bottled Water
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Water hydrates ambition of a country strives for excellence.
Excellence and Ambition

A Unique Experience with Unique Approach

Pure Beverages Industry Company provides complete services related to the production and distribution of bottled water in all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond.

The company seeks continuous excellence by taking care of all the aspects that serve our country, community, customers, and consumers alike.

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Our Steps into a New Future

Pure Beverages Industry Company derives its inspiration from the Kingdom`s leadership and development. The company took its first steps to contribute to the ambitious vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through increasing the gross domestic product and pursuing the latest innovations in industrial technologies.

The company also aims to participate in social development through creation of job opportunities, building various community partnerships, and delivering meaningful messages.


In the Industry of bottled water production

Community Engagement

Offering job opportunities and building community partnership

- Our Mission -

"To bring Hydration to as many people as possible."

How We Work

The company bottles the locally sourced water using the latest international equipment and innovative technologies from Germany and Luxembourg.

The production capacity exceeds 400,000 bottles per hour and is produced in a completely sterile environment that passes through precise laboratory analysis to ensure the highest quality as per national and international standards.

All production lines are controlled automatically and are entirely monitored by a central control room, which is the first of its kind in the Middle East in bottled water factories.

Latest Technology

Quality Control

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